Baur Asia Yearly Highlights

Baur Asia Yearly Highlights

Baur Asia has been organizing Baur Asia Conference yearly for our Eyewear Division since 2010, inviting all Asian distributors to participant in the event where we are gathered together  to present the new collection of the latest eyewear in the market each year.

Eyewear is another fashion where the collection each year has to be planned one year ahead.

In our Baur Asia Conference 2018, we are already decided  and presenting on the 2019 collection.

Beside being the most professional and high tech in the quality of  INVU and Smarty Sunglasses, being able to keep up with the latest trend is also one of the big factor which lead us to stay very competitive in the Asia markets.

Baur Asia Conference 2018 was a great success having more than 11 continents joining us.  We are so honored to have the CEO from Swiss Eyewear Group to do the brand and marketing presentation for us.  

During the conference, we have build up the strength between our partners and create the bonding as a family.   

This is a business where we always wanted to be in, happy as a team and create success together so that no one get lonely when we reach the top of the mountain.  

We play hard at the same time work very hard.

Look out for our next Baur Asia Conference 2019 for our Season of 2020 collection !

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