Vision & Mission
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Our Vision

We want to be a strategic partner in Singapore  that is admired for:

  • Delighting customers.
  • Pleasing shareholders.
  • Being fair in all its dealings with value chain partners.
  • Being the best place to work for employees.
  • Being a socially responsible member of the society.

Our Mission

  • The mission of Baur Asia is to work with its stakeholders to find creative solutions to assist in the development of businesses..

Our Values

  • The values rest on its heritage of individual and corporate integrity.
  • The company values its sense of responsibility towards society.

The company values:

  • Contribution of all staff irrespective of position.
  • Respect for both the individual as a person and for the office he/she holds.
  • Fairness and transparency in all dealings between staff and management.
  • Readiness of staff to accept stretched goals to enhance performance and individual development.
  • Teamwork.

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