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    SMARTY has been developed on many years of sunglasses experience.
    The design focus is a fusion of wearable styles and superior quality to a great price for the entire family. 

    Swiss Eyewear Group

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    Today with 30 years of experience, more than 3000 different products and a permanent staff of more than 350 people, we at "Mlesna" strive to give our customers, the connoisseurs, the same we did 30 years ago – superior quality teas in exquisite packaging. In doing so – "Mlesna" has spread its wings the world over and service a clientele of 50 countries.


    Baurs cinnamon is home grown, hand picked and powdered to provide the perfect drink to revitalise your day. Cinnamon drink is known for its emmense therapeutic benefits such as treatment for common cold, promote digestive health, reduce cholesterol and blood sugar, aid weight loss and so on.

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    Established in the quaint Swiss village of Lenzburg in 1886, Hero has become the gold standard of gourmet fruit spreads around the world. The vision of the original founders was to preserve fruits as gently and carefully as possible, and today that vision still provides Hero with the finest quality fruit products in the world.

    Hero is the best selling premium fruit spread in Europe. Served in luxury hotels and fine restaurants across the globe, Hero fruit spreads are also the preferred choice of top bakery chefs for complementing artisan breads, pastries, and desserts. First introduced in the United States in 1951, the Hero Group produces more jars of premium jams than any other company in the world.


    Zwicky muesli cereal is a staple ingredient of Swiss breakfast and culture and the first Swiss muesli in Sri Lanka.
    This all-natural blend of cereal (whole grain wheat, barley, millet, soybean and wheat germ), dried fruits and nuts is high in fiber, low in sugar and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals for overall well-being.

    Power up your days and control your weight by eating a healthy, energy-boosting breakfast. Try our varied range of mueslis in original, fruit, tropical, crunchy, chocolate and organic flavors.

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